Steel Air Bottle 13Ci - Ballistic

Steel Air Bottle 13Ci - Ballistic

Regular price R 850.00

Ballistic 13ci

Here is a 13ci 3000 psi Compressed Air tank, perfect for the paintballer on a budget! This is the same 48/3k HPA tank as sold by a major manufacturer. These high quality aluminum HPA tanks feature 5 year hydro dates, dual safety burst disks, and easy to read gauges. The bottle might be a little expensive now but in the long run it will work out cheaper to fill. Definitely a cylinder to consider. Not to mention you are then doing your part for the environment as well.
13ci 3000psi Compressed Air Tank features:

  • - Aluminum and brass regulator construction
  • - 5K Burst Disk
  • - 5000 psi Gauge
  • - Two set screws to remove bonnet for maintanence
  • - Fits all paintball marker ASAs

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